Which Vinyl Fencing Style To Choose?

The right style of vinyl fencing for your home

PVC Fence Wholesale provides South Floridians with a great selection of different vinyl fencing styles, including privacy, semi-privacy, picket and more. But which one should you choose for your next fencing project? First, consider your needs and determine what purpose the fence serves. Do you need to enclose your backyard in order to secure your home and family? Or do you have a pool and need to prevent your children from freely accessing it? In this article we’ll help you understand the fundamental differences between each style of fence, and which solution works best for your situation and your household.

Which Vinyl Fencing Style Fits Your Needs?

Before you begin shopping for styles, check with your county, city, municipality or home owners association (H.O.A) to find out what style of fence may be exclusively required for installation on your property. Some counties, such as Miami-Dade county, only allow an approved material which consider the solution that your fence is going to provide. By determining the location of your fence, and the purpose of it – we can start to ascertain the type of material required for use in your situation. Consider the following information before you make your final decision as to which style of vinyl fence you’ll choose.

Fence Styles

Miami Privacy Fence The most commonly purchased style of vinyl fencing is the full privacy style, otherwise known as tongue & groove. It provides a high level of security and privacy within your back and side yard, while also being very affordable.
Semi-Privacy Fence This particular style of fence is based upon standard privacy fencing, but has small gaps in between each vertical picket. This gap allows for slight visibility, as well as increased wind flow
Vinyl shadow-box fencing is a direct replication of it’s wood counterpart. Shadow-box style combines privacy with semi-privacy by overlapping pickets, instead of just separating them with a small gap.
The classic American vinyl picket fence that everyone knows and loves. Great for use around your front yard, as you are not allowed to install fence that exceeds four feet high in the front of your house. This style creates boundaries for animals and small children, while adding a great deal of curb appeal to your property.